Chess: A Metaphor for Data Driven Analytics

Chess is more than a game. It’s a metaphor for life. It’s a fun pastime. It’s also an art of strategy…much like data driven analytics. Lessons From Chess Applicable

Kindness Is Cool

Strawberry Creme Savers and Werther’s Originals. That’s the taste, the smell, and the memory that comes to mind when I think “Random Act of Kindness.” Growing up in Southern

Data Science is Hip

Is Hans Mize – founder and CEO of Data41 – a “hipster”? Kids these days define “hipster” as a person who is trendy and progressive in an unconventional way.

Predictive Insights: Using Data to Tell Your Fortune

Imagine visiting a psychic. You open the door, pull back the fringed, purple velvet curtains and find your seat at a table set with tarot cards and a crystal

Visual Data: Storytelling Through Analytics

How many cliches does it take to drill home the point that visual data stands supreme when it comes to presenting and digesting information? “A picture is worth a