The Business Benefits of TM1py

TM1py Introduction

TM1py enables IBM Planning Analytics users to do more with their data than ever before by leveraging Python’s abilities, expanding on IBM’s TurboIntegrator functionality, and integrating with previously incompatible systems. Users can manage TM1 objects, create machine learning models, integrate with data visualization tools, perform advanced analysis, and so much more with their Planning Analytics data. TM1py is an open-source Python package that wraps the TM1 REST API. The package simplifies the API interaction process through user-friendly Python syntax making it popular among TM1 developers. 

What is the TM1 Rest API?

The TM1 REST API is a Planning Analytics API that provides access to Planning Analytics server instances using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) procedures following standards outlined in OData Version 4 with RESTful architecture. The TM1 REST API is accessible through programming languages that have HTTP libraries (Python, Java, C++), a web browser, or HTTP clients.

The UseSSL parameter in the TM1 configuration file (tm1s.cfg) determines if a client needs to connect using HTTP or HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). The REST API supports GET (retrieve), POST (create), PATCH (update), and DELETE HTTP request methods.

What is Python?

Python is a free, open-source programming language that features user-friendly syntax, making it easier to employ and administer than other programming languages. Python possesses a vast network of third-party packages along with a standard library, contributing to its versatility. Python is used for a wide range of functions, such as data science, scientific computing, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, app/web development, and more. The language can run on Windows, Linux, macOS, and other operating systems.

What is TM1py?

TM1py is a free, open-source Python package maintained by a community of TM1 developers that wraps the TM1 REST API, empowering users to access and interact with their Planning Analytics data through Python scripts. TM1py makes interacting with a Planning Analytics server easier than ever.

Why Use TM1py?

1. Leverage Python’s Ecosystem – TM1py empowers users to leverage Python’s abundant package ecosystem, facilitating the creation of robust analysis, sophisticated visualizations, efficient machine learning models, and other processes that cannot be done within Planning Analytics.

Common Python packages to use with TM1py:

  • pandas: dataset management
  • matplotlib: data visualization
  • numpy: scientific computing
  • scikit-learn: machine learning
  • scipy: scientific computing
  • tensorflow: deep learning

2. Server Management and Automation

TM1py enables users to manage TM1 objects, administration, data, and security. TM1py can be considered an expansion of the Turbointegrator, executing similar functionalities with significantly better efficiency.

Some functions you can perform using TM1py:

  • Create, modify, and delete TM1 objects (cubes, dimensions, processes, chores, etc.).
  • Write data into cubes.
  • Regenerate feeders.
  • Write advanced business rules.
  • Find unused dimensions, security groups, etc.
  • And so much more!

3. Connect External Systems

TM1py can connect to any external system that can be accessed with Python (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Sheets, etc.) facilitating Planning Analytics integration abilities that did not exist previously.

4. Interact with Multiple TM1 Instances

TM1py scripts are not tied to a specific TM1 instance and can incorporate multiple instances without increasing complexity. 

5. Collaborative Community

TM1py is maintained by a group of developers who actively monitor and update the TM1py GitHub. The GitHub repository contains a plethora of documentation and discussion board posts for issues, pull requests, use cases, and more.

Access the GitHub here.

Use Case

A Data41 client was searching for a replacement for an expensive Microsoft Power BI Planning Analytics connector with poor customer service and slow refresh times.

The client found that TM1py’s:

  • Refresh rates are exponentially better.
  • Flexibility is unmatched.
  • Configuration is simple and seamless.

TM1py exceeded the client’s expectations and surpassed the functionality of the original connector.

“I am able to create the new Dashboards in Power BI. The benefit of TM1PY is that I can combine two cube views with one filter. Not doable on the previous connector. The speed is also extremely better.”

-Data41 Client


TM1py improves business efficiency and performance beyond what Planning Analytics achieves alone through the usage of Python packages and external integrations to modify, analyze, forecast, optimize, visualize, and clean extracted Planning Analytics data. TM1py is an excellent asset for making better informed business decisions to drive financial success.

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