Predictive Insights: Using Data to Tell Your Fortune

Imagine visiting a psychic. You open the door, pull back the fringed, purple velvet curtains and find your seat at a table set with tarot cards and a crystal ball. You ask the psychic to predict your future. She looks into her crystal ball and tells you what your revenue, expenses, budgets, and sales projections will look like in 5 years.

So, What Is the Difference Between Predictive Insights and Seeing a Psychic?

Predictive insights are derived from data analytics, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques that predict what your future will look like, as opposed to reading your energy and relying on clairvoyance. Examining your past and your present allows predictive insights to portend your future with more clarity.

It’s like throwing a big party. Planning is much easier when you already know how many guests are coming, what the theme is, what time the party starts, where you’re having the party, people’s dietary restrictions, noise ordinances, cost per head, etc. Once you’ve got the basics fleshed out, you can plan and budget for mishaps like someone knocking over an expensive vase, or extra guests showing up unannounced. And finally, once you’ve accounted for the essentials and the potential risks, you can simulate what money and resources are leftover for the fun, frilly stuff like extra decorations or entertainment. Alternatively, you can save that money and those resources for the next soiree! Now take this party model and apply it to your business: predictive insights can help you throw the most memorable party of the decade … and with machine learning and AI, each new party will be better than the last because you have created this outcome!

Data41 offers predictive insights by analyzing your company’s patterns and assessing potential risks to identify room for improvement and reveal fruitful future opportunities with a degree of accuracy unmatched in the industry. Our team can implement advanced software that provides predictive insights like IBM Cloud Pak for Data41, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Watson, and Jedox, to help you find ways to see into the future to earn and save money.

We can’t show you your future in a fancy crystal ball, but we can illustrate these predictive insights through rich data visualizations or dashboards for intuitive comprehension. Our color-coded, real-time graphics will make you feel like you’re reading an eerily accurate fortune. These actionable insights will equip you with the knowledge necessary for prosperous decision-making.

Contact Data41 and we’ll guide you to a fortuitous future.

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