Data Science is Hip

Is Hans Mize – founder and CEO of Data41 – a data science “hipster”?

Kids these days define “hipster” as a person who is trendy and progressive in an unconventional way.

He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems in 1990. The term “Data Science” wasn’t coined until 2001. Data41 was founded in 2006. Hans is a hipster.

Not to age him, but Hans wasn’t just a Sooner at OU – he was quick to stake claims in the Data and Analytics industry too. He recognized Data Analytics as a hot new trend and used his experience in ERP and supply chain management to lay the foundation for Data41 at the turn of the 21st century!

Nowadays, data analytics is ubiquitous. It’s an everyday business tool. The primary function of data analytics is to improve performance and productivity. Higher education has caught wind of this trend and is jumping on the bandwagon (or should I say schooner?). Just two months ago, Boston University, among dozens of other schools, announced a new Data Science BS Degree program which will teach students “crucial competencies in a world increasingly defined by computation, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI).”

Computer & Information Sciences and Data Science consistently rank in the Top 10 College Majors for the Future. Information Science ranked #9 on the list of The 23 Top College Majors in Demand posted by the popular employment website,

Kelley Strawn, Faculty Associate Dean for Curriculum and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Data Science at Willamette University, says:

“The inclusion of data science is a striking sign of how the liberal arts are being renovated for the 21st century. We want to be relevant. Pairing the science of data with just about anything else, I believe, is going to be a really, really successful and common strategy for students.”

Just like Strawn describes, Data41 champions the interdisciplinary nature of data science by pairing it with manufacturing, media & entertainment, life sciences, and hi-tech. In true “hipster” fashion, Data41 uses data analytics to help companies optimize their performance and forecast upcoming trends.

Now, say it with me: Hans is a hipster!

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