Is your analytics data security up to the task?

We make data simple, but we asked ourselves, are we protecting our clients? Data41 prioritizes not only simplifying the data analytics journey for our clients but the safety of that data. At the end of 2019, we took our slogan “Data Made Simple” one step further by upgrading to a top-tier data security process internally. In partnership with KME Systems, we extended those necessary protections not only to our company but to our clients.

Data Security Means Protecting Our Clients
When we decided to upgrade our data security services internally, we also extended that protection to our clients and their data. Once a project begins, clients can be confident in knowing our laptops and network are protected with top-tier security technology – allowing us all to focus on the project at hand and the analytics journey within our client’s organization. The distinction? No other analytics service provider is taking data security as seriously as we are.

No Longer Distracting Internal Resources from Work
Now that our IT managed services have moved externally, our team is fully mobilized to dedicate their energy and focus towards delivering on projects and company goals without the minor distractions of internal IT work. In return, we now have faster response and closure on internal IT challenges because we have a focused partner dedicated to this skillset, KME Systems.

What Does this Mean for Data41 and our Clients?
Security is critical to the continued success of our business and our clients. The stakes are growing with data security and incredible attention to detail is mandated. The toolsets, processes, and implementation are so different because the stakes are so much higher… and the safety of your data should always be a priority.

How are you ensuring your analytics data is safe?

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