Chess: A Metaphor for Data Driven Analytics

Chess is more than a game. It’s a metaphor for life. It’s a fun pastime. It’s also an art of strategy…much like data driven analytics.

Lessons From Chess Applicable to Data Analytics

Chess helps you learn and spot patterns. With our data driven approach, we can offer you a clear understanding of your company’s patterns and the potential risks or benefits they may pose. By identifying these patterns, it will become easier to decide the best actions to take toward your long-term objectives

You must be aware of threats and alert to opportunities on the chessboard. Data41 can help warn you of threats and alert you of opportunities through the implementation of software like IBM Planning Analytics. This solution draws from your history to present predictive insights that bear fruitful opportunities. With the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can also show you the best moves to make with your materials to ensure favorable outcomes.

A “Zugzwang” is a situation found in chess in which any possible move will worsen the player’s position. Data41’s objective is to equip you with the right tools for better-informed decision-making. Our team can help you avoid getting caught in a “Zugzwang” with the help of data driven analytics. Leading solutions like IBM Planning Analytics offer scenario analysis and sandboxing capabilities that proactively prevent such situations.

Surprise and impress people with unconventional moves. Creativity pays off. We’ll take your data straight from source to visualization, showing you possibilities that can distinguish you from your competition.

Connect your pieces cleverly. Cooperation and collaboration are the keys to success. Our powerful combination of software and service supplies you with a planning, forecasting, and analysis tool that offers accurate insights into your organization’s historical patterns, current demand, and future trends. We’ll get you from “check” to “checkmate.”

Look beyond the obvious. Your company’s data is riddled with profitable insights and our team can help you uncover them. With the proper tools and technology, we can help you automate this data mining and discovery process.

Chess Literally Revolutionized Computer Science

It isn’t just a pedagogical metaphor for data driven analytics…

In a classic showdown of Man vs. Machine, an IBM Computer called “Deep Blue” beat the world chess champion in a six-game match in May 1997. The duel spanned several days and received tremendous media coverage. There were three draws, two wins for IBM, and one win for the chess champion. But the true win was for Computer Science. The ability for computers to handle these types of complex calculations necessary for broad financial modeling, identifying trends and running risk analysis, handling large database searches, and performing massive calculations needed across many fields of science, revolutionized the playing field.

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