Cloud Business Intelligence Gives You An Innovative Edge

If you think Cloud Business Intelligence is just business intelligence hosted on the cloud…you are correct!

What’s the fuss about “The Cloud?”

“The Cloud” is a hot new trend, but it’s not like shoulder pads, or chunky belts, or mullets… it’s here to stay. If you use applications like Google Docs or Dropbox, then you’re already embracing cloud-based tools like a pro! Cloud applications are hosted on a virtual network, like the internet. By eliminating locally installed software, a great deal of space is freed up on your devices. But, the primary impetus for enterprises to adopt cloud-based technology is its collaborative capabilities. The accessibility of the cloud connects more people to more software, data, applications, projects, etc. And you know what they say, “two (or more) heads are better than one!”

Advantages of Cloud Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is all about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time…combine that with the cloud, and access to this data can be instantaneous! The kind of flexibility that Cloud Business Intelligence can provide makes for quicker reaction times to rapidly changing market conditions and the ability to scale.

Cloud Business Intelligence offers a slew of advantages that on-premises applications can’t:

  • It is easier for end-users to set up and operate. Expenses that once fell to IT services can be reallocated to other functions within the organization.
  • Cloud deployment is a quicker and simpler process because it requires no additional hardware or software installations.
  • Cloud applications can easily scale to accommodate growth in the number of users in a business.
  • Cloud applications can be accessed from web browsers and any mobile device.

Why Business Intelligence in the Cloud?

Sure, business intelligence solutions have traditionally been hosted on-premise. While the outcomes may be sufficient, outputs often suffer due to slow speed and the inability to interpret data.

Cloud Business Intelligence has changed the game. It’s faster, scalable, available on-demand, reduces administrative costs, and because it’s mobile-friendly, the technology can be leveraged from anywhere! Our team recommends starting with Microsoft Power BI or Cognos Analytics if you’re looking for a data-driven analytics solution that offers all of these benefits.

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