Big Data Analytics: Where Chaos Meets Order

You know those days of COVID where you got all dolled up and rocked an awesome outfit…but you never left the house, so no one saw how good you looked? Well, it’s the same concept with unstructured big data. There’s a runway-ready outfit hiding somewhere in that mountain of big data that might never get to see the light of day. What good is an unseen runway outfit? What good is a pile of data that you can’t make sense of? Big data analytics can sort through your large volume of unstructured data and analyze a variety of sources of data to glean lucrative insights and highlight the best actions to take.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is examining big data to reveal pertinent information like hidden patterns, parallels, market trends, and customer preferences – all the important intelligence behind well-informed business decisions. With big data analytics, you can ultimately propagate better and faster decision-making, sand-boxing, modeling, and forecasting of future outcomes, and enriched business intelligence.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster, smarter decision-making – Companies can access and analyze larger volumes of data from various different sources to gain valuable insights that drive well-informed decisions. With advanced technology like Jedox and IBM Planning Analytics, organizations can handle data from historical records and in real-time.
  • Cost reduction and operational efficiency – Flexible data storage and processing options, like the cloud (IBM CloudPak for Data), help businesses reduce the cost of housing and analyzing large volumes of data. By unearthing patterns and trends, these insights can also identify crucial improvements to run your business more efficiently.
  • Data-driven go to market – Organizations can assess customer needs and potential risks, then develop new products and services to meet them.

Data41 can take your unstructured data from source all the way to visualization. What exactly does that mean?  Take that chair (or perhaps it’s your floor) for example. You know, the one that you subconsciously pile all your clothes onto. Data41 can help you sort, organize, color-code, donate, launder, and even curate potential outfit options to dress every occasion with confidence and style. Now translate that to business terms: we’ll aggregate and transform your big data into eye-catching, interactive visuals with real-time graphics, color coding, and hover features to understand and showcase the story behind your data. With rich visualizations, interactive reporting, and customizable dashboards, your data will tell a powerful story bound to positively influence your future actions.

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