Analytics Roadmap


Data availability made easy.

Determining how to consolidate multiple data sources or whether to deploy in the cloud can be a challenging task to undertake. Our expertise focuses on creating a conversation around these topics that is approachable , sharing our knowledge around the different options available to you so your transition can be simple.

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You’ve heard the buzz around “Cloud”. More organizations are choosing to move to the Cloud to address IT efficiency and control costs, yet knowing whether a Cloud strategy is right for your team and determining timing around when to deploy can be daunting. Our team offers extensive experience in deployment options ranging from on-premise, cloud, hybrid cloud, or most commonly a combination amongst the three. We are able to provide trusted guidance to identify eligibility for license incentives, migration path requirements, anticipated benefits, and the costs & resource savings that can be achieved.


Combining multiple data sources into one single data depository is the primary means of infrastructure for our client’s source data. A consolidated data source provides a strong foundation for you to begin to layer on the additional elements of your analytics strategy ranging from BI and Planning software to accurately depicted visualization of what is happening within your business. Whether a client has decided to use a Data Mart, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Cube, or even a prebuilt Appliance, Data41 can provide expertise in crafting a reliable, single source of data and configure it so you can begin to layer on additional elements of your analytics strategy along the Analytics Roadmap.