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Build a Strong Foundation. Start at the source.

The journey from multiple source data to one single repository can be daunting. Many times our clients come to us with a desire to launch business analytics or visualization tools, yet data discrepancies lead us towards errors found at the source. Learn more below around why here at Data41 we value source data and specialize in helping our clients get to the root of the problem so their analytics strategy can be strong from the ground up.

View our interactive Data Source roadmap below.

It all starts with the source… the foundation on which your analytics strategy is built on top of.
Our philosophy at Data41 is rooted in solving data problems, and for many of our clients that means back tracking back to the source data. Without reliable, accurate data sources, our clients are unable to achieve the goals they have set out for their analytics strategy. These issues trickle upwards through the Analytics Roadmap: Infrastructure is housing inaccurate information; Business Analytics solutions are computing incorrect predictions and forecasts; Visualization tools cannot paint an accurate picture of what is happening in your business. This is why Data41 has focused for years on source data and helping our clients develop a strong foundation to build their analytics strategy.

Save substantial time moving data from multiple sources to a single, designated data repository with our ETL Framework.
Using a SQL Server database and tools, the Data41 ETL Framework is designed to translate and clean your data sources, therefore compressing the cycle time of ETL data loads and simplifying the monitoring of ETL performance by providing better tracking, debugging, recovery, and reporting on data loaded into the data repositories – whether that be a Data Mart, Data Warehouse, or Data Lake. We create opportunities to access data as relevant information for the end user by making what would have taken months to develop, test and implement internally for our clients accessible to them now.

The goal: channel multiple data sources into one single source of truth.
Whether you are interested in integrating source data using a Data Mart, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, or Data Cube, Data41 can provide expertise in consolidating and crafting a meaningful, trusted data source that your enterprise can rely on. Single source data enables efficiencies across the organization and time savings so everyone can move towards the same business objective seamlessly. Time and time again, we have helped our clients achieve this goal so they can focus on what is next for their analytics strategy, knowing they are working off of a reliable foundation.