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Data to insights to actions.

Define your analytics journey. What’s your destination? Where do you start? Whether you’re new to analytics with an interest in Business Intelligence & Enterprise Planning or an advanced strategy through Predictive Analytics or Artificial Intelligence, we have a solution for you…. so you can transform your data to insights and actions.

View our Business Analytics offerings below.

Transform your data into actionable intelligence for better business decision making. Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions enable you to receive powerful insights into your business at a moment’s notice. As a leading request for many of our new clients, introducing a BI tool to your business is a strong entry point to jump-start your analytics strategy.

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Business Intelligence allows your team to understand trends and derive insights, streamlining the effort it takes to search for, merge, and query data to obtain information needed to make tactical business decisions. Holistically view your data by combining your multiple data sources into one platform. Whether your interests include scalable data models, trend analysis, interactive reporting, or ease of sharing information amongst team members, any of our BI solutions can meet your business needs.

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Invest in data analytics to support proactive decision making in your business. As your team looks to the future, building an environment for agility, speed, and accuracy are vital for a successful Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting strategy. Our suite of solutions allow you to plan for the future across the enterprise or within a department, utilizing multiple data sources.

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Our solutions provide our clients the ability to see what is happening with their data and how they can plan accordingly. Create quick and reliable plans, budgets, and forecasts with ease. Jump into extensive data analysis using what-if functions to understand and test future possibilities. Customize visualizations to communicate the insights your data has to offer. Integrate multiple data sources into one single source of truth for a holistic view of what is happening in your business so you can better prepare for the future and deliver on business objectives.

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Beyond Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, many of our clients are interested in advanced analytics solutions to infuse forward thinking ideology into their businesses analytics strategy. Whether it be predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, or another advanced analytics technology, we are well versed in helping organizations level up their analytics strategy.

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Below are some of our Advanced Analytics offerings:

Predictive analytics allows our clients to go beyond what has happened in order to anticipate what may happen next. By discovering patterns in data, we are able to use ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and more to get the most of their data for the future.

Through advanced optimization technology, Prescriptive analytics provides recommendations for our clients in achieving designated business objectives. Whether the focus is customer service, profits, or operational efficiency, our clients are able to make advanced decisions against an infinite amount of decision variables, trade-offs, and constraints.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
It is undeniable that Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the future of technology. They provide vision for what data will look like in years to come and the possibilities are endless – for the benefit of industry and society alike. While large technology leaders, like our partners IBM and Microsoft, are leading the charge in research and development, smaller companies are unsure of where to start. Data41 is here to help.

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High publicity and “buzz” around these two topics has brought an increasing demand from our clients to include ML and AI in their data analytics portfolio. The desire is to be cunning edge with this advanced technology but it’s difficult to know where to start without the right use case.

At Data41, our team is well equipped to be your partner to help determine the right use case for your company. From there, we can help develop the strategy, so you can succeed in merging ML and AI with your analytics strategy.

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