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Our culture is very important to us. Small but mighty, we are uniquely able to foster both personal & professional growth while prioritizing a culture that genuinely cares about our people.

we care about our employees.

Personal Growth

We prioritize personal growth here at Data41, and make sure our employees take action behind it. Each year, our CEO develops a personal objective for that year as an opportunity grow personally and to stay connected to our Data41 culture. Whether it be philanthropy focused, infusing ourselves in new cultures, or knocking an item off our bucket list, we are continually challenged to connect with one another and prioritize what’s important in life.

Random Acts of Kindness

How do you inject kindness into your everyday? Every two weeks we have company-wide calls where a section of that discussion is devoted to kindness and open discussion around storytelling. Not only does this allow for kindness to trickle into our day to day lives and home with family, but it translate into our work ethic and relationships with our clients.

Why do people choose to work at data41?

And why is our staff turnover so low? We’ll let our employees speak for themselves.

Data41 Benefits

Fully Paid Health

for each employee

Work From Home

in comfort


up to 27 days (paid!)

We offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to help ensure your well-being and the well-being of the people most important to you. Competitive salaries, fully paid employee health benefits, work from home benefits, and a generous paid vacation plan are just some of the advantages of working for Data41.