The D41

“And The Winner Is…”

Robert Smith from Verizon Wireless!

With more than 500 entries for the Trikke, we had quite a crowd surrounding our booth at the time of the drawing. Choosing one person from the crowd, we had them draw an entry out of the box. Alex read the name and company aloud. “And the winner is…. not here!” We grabbed another person from the crowd to pull a different name. Alex again read the name and company aloud. “And the winner is…. also not here!”

After drawing two names and no winner present, we definitely knew the third time would be the charm. Sure enough, it was.  With one last person from the crowd drawing an entry out of the box, Alex yelled the name into the crowd.

To our right, there he was with his hand waving high and grin from ear to ear.

The winner of Data41’s SouthBay Trikke raffle was Robert Smith, the Director of Information Technology at Verizon Wireless.

Robert, who hails from Cumming, GA, brought his Southern luck to the conference, taking home the 36v Tri-bred Pon-e.

Congratulations Robert!!

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